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We have a number of useful publications, including information on vehicle crime, metal theft, and securing your house at Christmas.  > Access our archive


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Find links here to a range of useful websites for your neighbourhood, community, council departments, and MPs.   > Useful links


Police Community Support Officers are often the first contact point between residents and the police force as they routinely patrol our section of the ward and we are including photographs to enable our NHW members to recognise them.


We regularly publish newsletters which get distributed to residents in our street.  Here are copies of recent editions available for you to download.

cold morning imageDon't leave your car running whilst scraping your windscreen. Never leave keys in the ignition, remove all valuables from the car and ensure all windows and doors are locked. Park in well-lit areas and install an alarm. Report suspicious activity.

Do you know who our local councillors and MP are?  In this article you will find out who they are and how to contact them about local issues.

It is our responsibility to report all crime to the police ourselves. This includes minor offences like damage to wing-mirrors or cars being keyed.  Policing levels are based on reported crime levels, so if we don't report it, the police presence will be reduced.

The collection day for all household waste,recycling and garden waste is Wednesday.  Household rubbish goes in the wheelie bin with the grey lid, and recycling in the bin with the blue lid.  Household waste is collected weekly, and recycling waste is fortnightly.  You must pay extra (£35) for garden waste removal.

Phone symbolIn an emergency ring 999 from your landline or 112 from your mobile. To contact the police in a non-emergency, phone 101.  To report a crime anonymously ring 0800 555 111.