The latest crime statistics for Warwards Lane, Darris Road and Park Corner are now available to view here.  It identifies the number of robberies, vehicle crime, anti-social behaviour, criminal damage, burglary, and violent crime over the past year.

The FREE collection of green garden waste by Birmingham City Council has now ended. Darris Road and Warwards Lane landlords and residents who want green waste collected in future are required to register with the City Council and pay the new annual fee that currently stands at £35.00 for each household.

Fraudsters are posting pictures or statuses online telling members of the public to contact them via Direct Message for football tickets. This then leads to a mobile messaging conversation. During the conversation, bank details are provided by the suspect so that the tickets can be purchased.   After the victim has paid for the ticket the fraudster blocks them to stop further conversation, leaving victims without the tickets and out of pocket.

This is an article written by one of our residents in response to the theft of some garden ornaments from another individual garden along our street, at the back end of April this year, and they have given their permission to publish their observations around the need to evidence we are becoming better neighbours by looking out for one another. Please read this thought-provoking piece. 

Is there any way to stop the rise in fraud and online crime? As the latest results of the Crime Survey for England and Wales are released, the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network (NHWN) looks at how you can avoid becoming a victim.

Our next Big Clean Up will be on Saturday 18th December 2021, and we are likely to be supported by local councillors now that the Birmingham University term has finished last week, and it would be nice to have more support from across our street to improve its overall look.

We all aim to live in a civilised country where residents and landlords alike, do their utmost to make the local environment a pleasant place to live. Footpaths are there to enable people to travel around the area freely, and hopefully encourage more people to use them rather than incessantly use a car for short trips to the shops.

There are plans to introduce wheelie bins across Birmingham replacing the current black bag system.  Birmingham City Council hope the wheelie bins will increase recycling, and reduce mess and rodents.  Is this a good proposal for those living in Warwards Lane?

Don't be a victim of fraud this Christmas, look at our handy guide to 12 common areas of fraud.

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Improving relations with neighbours is something we should all actively participate in, and it helps build a stronger sense of community.

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