Minutes of NHW meetings

The second of our annual Darris Road and Warwards Lane Neighbourhood Watch meetings took place at 7.00pm on Thursday 4th July 2013, utilising the Selly Park Baptist Church room once more. There were several important news items relating to topics as diverse as reported local crime, vehicle speeding checks, utilisation of the website and planning applications and their (mis)use.



The meeting opened with a brief thank you from PR to those attending the meeting and an outline of the fire evacuation procedure in the event of an emergency! Always be prepared. GS the went onto the topic of the recent tsking meetings which the police organise to faciliatate local residents raising priorities for policing within the local area that requires 'bodies' to ensure items are raised.


Information provided by the police indicated that there had been one street robbery and four car wing mirrors damaged along Warwards Lane since the previous NHW meeting that did not seem in line with the rise in burglaries across the southern region of the West Midlands, that is good news for local residents so long as this is truly representative of the crime level across our two streets.


Report all crime is the phrase we will continue to use. PR highlighted, once more, the availability of police sponsored kits for replacing existing velcro applied car number plates and replacing these with non-returnable screws that prevent car number plates being taken so easily. These are often fitted to other similar vehicles and used to take petrol from forcourts without paying!


GS confirmed that a police vehicle speeding check was conducted along Warwards Lane on Wednesday 19th June 2013 for a one and a half hour spell around lunchtime in which three cars were stopped, and in using the Pro-Laser sped gun, these individuals will be fined for exceeding the allowable limit of 35mph in what is a 30mph zone. We fully intend to request more of these to improve our road's safety.


PR then went onto reiterate the message that we should all be more aware of our neighbours' property when they are away on holiday, and under the banner of neighbourliness, we should offer to take in parcels and postal items, if this has not been forwarded temporarily. We would hope that they would reciprocate such an offer, as and when, as we all should feel more prepared to communicate and assist more than we do.


The first newslettter of this year strived to encourage people to use it as a respurce of information with its links to various supporting web pages that will help us to help our members help themselves. GS stated that it would be helpful for feedback on how the residents have found the information there of use to them and to reiterate that we are looking for both articles and pictures to use in this forum.


There has not been a great number of offers to date! PR drew a parralel with NHW membership activity around more mundane, but nonetheless essential tasks, like delivering the newsletters, and involvement in both the Big Clean Up and even attendending the meetings like today. I doubt there are many people whose lives are so busy that they cannot speare a few hours each year to do some or all of these!


GS commented on the Big Clean Up on Saturday 29th June 2013 produced the lowest turnout of all, so far, and whilst the holiday season had already begun at this juncture, and there were no students around either, it was disappointing that so few seem interested in improving the cleanliness of our street. We need to improve on the level of pride in our street and this requires a little bit of graft to achieve.


PR mentioned that there was evidence to suggest that the local planning application system was being abused by some unscrupulous developers where they indicated nominal changes to a property and then proceeded to convert rooms wholesale. Abusing the due process makes a mockery of democracy and where this is identified, our local councillors and Council representatives need to be challenged vigorously!


Amey Construction Limited were in discussion with GS around a date for the removal of the additional yellow lines that were put in place to manage the traffic flow along Warwards Lane whilst the Dogpool Lane bridge was still out of commission. Following the meeting, these have now been removed, and it is with some pressure from GS, that this was achieved so quickly and it is only fair to credit him with persistence.


The AOB item picked up on a request from WP for pictures of Stirchley Baths in its prime for use in sponsoring further consideration of their refurbishment! The Council are intending to propose traffic flow improvements with the junction of the Pershore Road and Ribbelsdale Road and Warwards Lane. Following the meeting a few dozen WL residents received a plan of this for comment but the deadline is 31st July 2013!


The meeting closed.