Minutes of NHW meetings
The meeting began promptly at 7.00pm as there were a number of matters for discussion.
Councillor Karen McCarthy was present and outlined the two matters currently impacting on our locality; namely, the two Traveller groups and the work-to-rule action currently taking place amongst the binmen employed by the City Council. These points will be incorporated within the relevant section below for clarity.
Having thanked those attending, GS began our latest meeting with an overview of the criminal activity reported across our three streets, with a view to emphasising whilst the numbers were low, we should not be complacent and continue to report suspicious activity and/or actual incidents, even though the time on hold when telephoning the non-emergency number (in particular) can be frustrating.
The bye phrase must be: "If it isn't recorded, it hasn't happened" During the course of the previous three months, there was a burglary in April, a car-jacking incident on Easter Sunday and three assaults and one incident of vehicle tampering in May. There were no incidents showing in June at the time of our meeting on www.police.uk. The yearly graphs for our area are available for members to review at anytime.
The police have not been attending our NHW meetings for some time now, and we have already asked for an update on progress with the points raised at GS and PR's meeting at Bournville Lane on 19th May 2017. This is a point that needs addressing as the PCSO's are in regular contact with the public across our ward and should have a strong understanding of what is going on in our area. 
PR summarised the points arising from the police meeting which fell under six headings (1) lack of contact from the local police with our NHW group and the community (2) the restarted tasking meetings (3) speeding along Warwards Lane (4) traffic flow between Pershore Road - Ribblesdale Road - Warwards Lane (5) untaxed cars and (6) Travellers. The comments on (6) and the rubbish collections follow next.
Two Traveller groups arrived in recent weeks, one behind the hospice on Raddlebarn Road, and the second, going onto the private land of the former Fitness First site, although both have now left. We are aware that the City Council are in the process of finalising an injunction to prevent delays in forcing any groups illegally occupying Council land to leave immediately or face police action straight away with no days of grace (*).  
This means that the Travellers at the park behind the hospice could be moved on, because the Council have responsibility for it, but those at the Fitness First site would have to be removed by private injunction and that is where the line of demarcation will rest. NHW members were able to ask questions around this subject and Karen McCarthy confirmed the City Council would continue to provide updates on its progress. 
The rubbish collections, both general and recycling, have been intermittent in recent weeks. PR outlined that some bins were collected on 28th June but others were not. This failure to collect also applied to properties with bin bag dispensations because of steep steps from the pathway. Apparently, each person must notify the City Council of this, as individuals cannot call on behalf of others.
PR went on to mention that our NHW group subscriptions have been due since 1st July, and to date, we have had less than 20% handed to us or delivered through either my letterbox (10, Warwards lane) or Garry's (99, Warwards Lane) which means we will be having to collect substantial volumes of cash taking up a great deal of our personal time, in spite of the request in the latest newsletter to pass the money to us as above.
GS confirmed the embankment at Park Corner has yet to be trimmed back although a tree was cut down that overhung the pathway along Warwards Lane and the hedge needs trimming as well. We are noticing some improvement in the cutting of hedges along Warwards Lane, which makes the street more accessible to pedestrians, and for which we are grateful to those who are making the effort to do this.
Further activity is taking place regarding the removal of letting and ale signs across our streets as we have regular contact with some landlords and estate agents. The manholes along our streets have been cleaned to minimise the build up of excess water which can lead to flooding although we understand there is one that is outstanding at the bottom end of Warwards Lane. Rain has been in short supply anyway....
PR mentioned the continuing development of our NHW website and that it should be the default destination for those with access to the Internet in order to find useful contact information designated by the tabs across the head of the page. We are always looking for articles from our members to add local interest to the website, along the lines of the pictures we added, past and present. Please have a think on this and let us know.
GS then went on to summarise the existing planning applications nearby. The Lidl application at the former Fitness First site has been delayed by a sub-station issue and the fact they must produce a report covering why the vacant Tesco site could not be used instead.  The MOT testing station at 1135 - 37, Pershore Road has been cleared and secured with fencing for the past month or so but seems dormant at present.
An enforcement order was placed against 119 and 121 Warwards Lane requiring Britannia properties to reinstate the properties to what they were - family homes - by no later than 3rd September 2017. The City Council must be prepared to challenge any appeal in order for this to be resolved. If successful, it will set a precedent for the future, and add the necessary teeth to Article 4 and the work by CP4SO.
There was no AOB.
The meeting closed.   

(*) Please refer to the police response sent out by e-mail on 13th July 2017 covering Travellers and speeding.