Minutes of NHW meetings

We held our second of three annual NHW meetings at the Selly Park Baptist Church on the above date which gives all residents the opportunity to discuss local issues affecting them and their families.

GS began the meeting by welcoming everyone who attended and then passed the floor over to PR who began by summarising the reported incidents along the areas in and around Darris Road, Park Corner and Warwards Lane.  There were a total of six incidents reported since our last March meeting and these included once incident of anti-social behaviour in Darris Road, two of criminal damage in Park Corner and one each of burglary, criminal damage and violence along Warwards Lane.


Our website; www.warwardsnhw.co.uk now includes an annual breakdown of reported crime taken directly from the West Midlands police website; www.police.uk  and the block graphs they contain are being updated at the end of each full year. Monthly figures can be obtained by regular review of the latter website. We also outline useful information on when to use 101 and 999 when contacting the police. It is strongly advisable to insist on getting an officer's name and incident reference number when reporting incidents.


We continue to warn against opening unsolicited e-mail attachments and answering the door to bogus tradesmen offering 'special deals'. Please look out for any elderly neighbours who my have strangers on their property. If in doubt, report it. GS then confirmed that all policing across the West Midlands would now be undertaken on a constituency basis rather than the traditional ward basis. This means less visibility of police officers and the NHW members being relied on to report matters more so than ever.


GS continued to remind those at the meeting of the importance of our efforts to recruit more NHW members, given there had been several new households moving in since last time, so please mention us when you meet anyone new! The annual membership fee is due now and whilst we collect what we can from those at the meeting, we will probably end up chasing nearly three quarters of the households, which is a great draw on our time.


PR reaffirmed that we spent a great deal of the page content on this month's NHW newsletter on traffic speeding along Warwards Lane following the introduction of the new island layout at the bottom end of Warwards Lane where it forms a junction with the Pershore Road. The general consensus is that there are many vehicles who speed excessively throughout the day and that the traffic calming has not worked. There has also been a rise in the level of motorbike engines being revved throughout the day and night.


Councillor McCarthy did confirm that more motorbikes were being seized around the area where residents had reported this to police although this can take many weeks or months in some instances.  She then summarised the details of the latest initiative in the Bournbrook area where representatives from several agencies visited  building sites and HMO's with a view to checking their legality to operate and the work entitlement status of the builders on site. This was described as the 'Al Capone Effefct'.


PR then reiterated the importance of our NHW website given that it is funded from NHW membership monies and that we are continually looking for ways to improve both its content and usage. We will shortly be adding a further feature to the history tab around the nature of the photographs we already have and shall be extending the information about our streets in yesteryear. Some NHW residents did routinely access the website and this usage should be encouraged further.


GS related that there had been no further developments regarding the most recent planning applications for the scrapyard and Lidl developments. We are arranging to provide a rejection template for NHW members to adapt to these and any future ones that are unsuitable for our area and could put this onto the website as well. This will offset the apathy of some residents who only bemoan these developments when introduced but did nothing to protest because they claim they are too busy!


PR then mentioned that the next Big Clean Up along our streets - Darris Road, Park Corner and Warwards Lane - would be Saturday 9th July. A separate e-mail thanking those who participated has already been sent out to all NHW members. We need to be careful of overfilling wheelie bins as this may led to spillage onto the pavement and encourages the local rat population. Please take in your wheelie bins by the evening of the regular collection days. Several households still do not. 


AOB included confirmation that a new forum on police tasking may be undertaken in the new Stirchley Baths centre in the near future so watch this space. A further request for the City Council to cut back the hedge near to the bus stop up from Milner Road was sent onto Councillor Brigid Jones. 


The meeting then closed.