Minutes of NHW meetings

The meeting began with an introduction from PR and GS to those attending including our councillors; Brigid Jones and Karen McCarthy.

PR confirmed the recorded crime statistics provided by the police for the first quarter and these consisted of a student being mugged, a burglary to a home, a theft from motor vehicle, an unspecified theft of property, one incident of criminal damage to the vehicle and one act of criminal damage to a house.


The NHW website has been expanded to incorporate yearly crime statistics since 2011, given that those prior are held on a huge database simply too large to download, and it is our intention to providing this information year on year; http://www.warwardsnhw.co.uk/local-issues/29-crime-statistics.html. These reflect incidents on Darris Road, Park Corner and Warwards Lane.


PR will be adding a short write-up to go with this information to put the information into context. It was re-emphasised that the reporting of non-urgent (threat to life style incidents) should be done using the dialling code; 101. Fraud by bogus tradespeople, burglaries and street attacks do occur but are not endemic based on the recorded crime figures.


We should look out for signs of suspicious activity along our streets and report them to police (101), and subsequently, the NHW group if there is any doubt. There is a danger of leaving this to 'somebody else' and then it goes unnoticed. We may all suffer consequences if this kind of non-reported potential incidents are not mentioned to police.


PCSO Ade Richards will be leaving our local force to begin training as a police constable. It was also noted, and confirmed by the councillors, that all policing in the West Midlands would now be on a constituency rather than a traditional basis. This will mean that police may be less visible, based on our overall low recorded crime, and NHW groups more active.


GS provided an overview of the NHW group's intentions to continue to recruit additional NHW members across all three areas as there have been several new families moving into the immediate locality who are unaware of our existence. We are likely to start at the end of this month so that we complete most visits in advance of the 1st July due date for subscriptions.


GS also confirmed that the largest local issue affecting most people in the Selly Oak area was undoubtedly the homes of multiple occupancy, a meeting for which PR attended on 26th February 2016, where Councillor John Cotton, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Management & Homes listened to the views being put forward by those attending.


Consequently, the NHW website is a very useful tool that everyone who is linked to the Internet should be utilising as an information resource. PR then went onto to give a brief overview of recent planning applications and their progress to date. This included the MOT testing station on the Pershore Road that backs onto several properties at the lower end of Warwards Lane.


This seems to have failed, at the present moment in time, but we do need to be wary that a further application is put in and people do not respond in the same way and the planning application proceeds. At the time of writing, the proposed Lidl store application is still ongoing, but a decision may be taken at any time in the not too distant future. There were disappointingly few people replying on this.


PR then commented on the most recent 'Big Clean Up' litter pick that took place on Saturday 19th March 2016 where we try to improve the cleanlines of our street areas over and above what is done by the City Council. We did have several new people helping so we would like to thank them and everyone else for their combined efforts. We do need to remove wheelie bins from the pavement after collections are complete!


There were some brief points regarding AOB including suggestions that there has actually been anecdotal evidence of increased speeding from the Pershore Road end of Warwards Lane up towards the Raddlebarn Road end. Brigid Jones reminded Michael McMillan of what is being done to improve the appearance of the Park Corner embankment the evening we met.


The meeting then closed.