The next Warwards NHW meeting, open to all residents of Darris Road and Park Corner, will take place at the Selly Park Baptists church on Thursday 19th March 2020, starting at 7.00pm prompt, and police will hopefully be in attendance to outline details of crime in our local area as well as one of our local councillors.

Additionally, we are currently discussing some options with Birmingham University around engaging more with is students and its student community wardens as regards co-operative projects that they and our local community can work together. There will be some articles regarding this in this March's newsletter. 

We are looking for more recruits to the local Street Watch group where both students and local residents are involved. These efforts require everyone's support, not just the usual suspects, and are likely to be undertaken at various times, reducing the likelihood of taking up time slots where people are regulalrly unavailable. 

We meet three times a year, usually at 7pm at the Selly Park Baptist Church on the Pershore Road.  Local councillors are invited and you have an opportunity to raise issues of concern.  The police bring a report of crimes committed in our road, and any changes to policing that will affect us. 

Please click on the links below for the meeting minutes: