Corner shop of Milner Road and Warwards LaneThis property is prominently loctated on the corner of the junction of Warwards Lane and Milner Road and still looks very similar to its earlier design. During the 1950's through to the 1970's, the property was actually used as general store in the trading name of 'A. and F. Pickup' and a grandson of the proprietors; Alf and Freda Pickup, continued to live in Warwards Lane with his family, until they moved to Kings Norton April 2014. The property is a little difficult to recognise it these days, due to the high hedge at the front, but this picture taken from the days when it was used as a general store (the Austin Mini Cooper is a dead giveaway!), will assist in placing how it appears now when walking past. After Alf and Freda moved out, it re-opened  as 'Wendy’s Hairdressers' for a period of time, and was then sold on as a the domestic residence it has remained to date. The post box remains where it has always been....  

Warwards Lane 1905ResizedA lot has changed in Warwards Lane over the years. The houses in Darris Road were built in the late 1960s following the demolition of Saint Stephen's School, originally known asTen Acres School that stood on the site since its construction in 1874.  It stood opposite St Stephen's Road (then called School Road) and the earlier view shows how this road appeared looking down from Warwards Lane towards what is now the Pershore Road.


Selly Farm, long demolished, stood at the junction of Warwards Lane and Saint Stephens (School Road) and before the Pershore Road was built in 1825, this was the significant road junction leading from Selly Oak to Kings Heath. Selly Farm was a mixed farm of 96 acres and was occupied for several decades in the nineteenth century by the Warwood family. It seems likely that Warwards Lane took its name from this family given their similar spelling. In 1904 houses were built on its fields, and the farmhouse was later demolished in the 1970's, to be replaced by a BP petrol station and now by an apartment block. In 1867 a small wooden chapel was erected on the corner of Saint Stephen's Road and Warwards Lane which went on to become Selly Park Baptist Church that moved to its new site on the Pershore Road in 1878.


View up Warwards Lane 1929The photo on the left shows Warwards Lane in 1929 with Saint Stephens School on the left looking up from the Pershore Road end towards Raddlebarn Road. The dormer windows on the roof of the houses on the right hand side of the road are not there now as it is thought that they were bomb damaged during the Second World War and hence re-roofed later. 


The picture on the right with the car parked out front shows what is now B & B Electrical Limited but was originally occupied as Roy Randles garage that also used to sell car roof racks and adopted the slogan "Woy Wandles Woof Wacks".  The Randle family also owned what is now 9, Warwards Lane and this businessman was the uncle of Pat Conlon who still lives in Warwards Lane.


Boys from School 1926

This photo is taken in 1926 showing a group of boys from Saint Stephen's School about to depart for a holiday to Oxford. 


The tall boy at the back with the glasses is Jack Handley who lived at 133, Warwards Lane.  His wife Chris now lives in Woodside Road.  





Selly Farm in 1960









Selly Park Chapel in 1867









St Stephens School